Friday, July 22, 2011

Night From Hell Sent from Heaven

Maybe I should have entitled this "Wacky Wednesday" for the level of insanity that happened this past Wednesday!!!

I had two meetings and four tours scheduled. ALL four of my tours called to reschedule! When the last one called, I texted J and told him to come get me. 

J started cooking dinner. He messed up the rice. Who messes up rice? J is an amazing chef so this was extreme. We went out to eat.

We texted a friend and decided to meet up for dinner. Getting to his place, traffic was insane!!! It took us almost an hour to go 5 miles.

The power went out at the restaurant we ate at. It was sweltering hot without a/c! I threatened to start taking clothing off every minute the bill did not arrive. We were at a gay restaurant. Trust me, those boys did not want to see what my momma gave me.

The bar we went to afterwards was so gorgeous I was entranced when we left and forgot my purse! I had to run back to get it.

On the way to the next bar, we went to feed the meter.
We got a parking ticket!!!
J thought we had until :40 but it expired at :34.
Ticket was clocked at :37. Sigh.

J was so pissed at getting a ticket, he decided he needed to go out of our way to get a treat at Forever Yogurt. I was not so bothered by the ticket - I'll blame that on the a-a-a-a-alcohol.

Noise and Smoke
About a mile from our exit on the highway, a weird noise got louder and longer. It was scary. When we pulled off at the exit, there was smoke coming out of the ENGINE!!!

We have a NEW car. Smoke, crazy ass noises, and leaking coolant is not supposed to happen to NEW cars!!!

I have to admit. I was scared. I thought our engine was on fire.

We enter our condo from our patio balcony. J accidentally touched the grill. It had been on ALL evening! This sent us into laughing hysterics.

Heaven Sent
Every single one of these crazy incidents was exactly what needed to happen. J was scheduled to go on a business road trip on Thursday morning. The car would have died farther out and J would have been stranded.

If J had not burned dinner, we would have stayed in all evening which means we would not have sat in traffic. If the power had not gone out on our side of the street only, we would not have had to wait for our bill and would have gone home instead of seeking a/c at a bar. Had we not gotten the parking ticket which made J go out of our way to get yogurt, we would have gotten home without knowing there was a problem with the car.

Have you ever had something insane happen that made life better for you in the long run?

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Kelli said...

Wow. But absolutely! And what a joy that you can see why it all happened. Sometimes we don't get to know why these things happen! :)