Monday, June 13, 2011

Moral Police

I'm getting sick and tired of everyone playing moral police on other people's sex lives. What someone does sexually does NOT determine if they are good at what they do in their career. Case in point: Tiger Woods. The guy was bedding half the continental United States and winning - truly winning, unlike Charlie Sheen...

Seriously though, do you want to be judged at work by the way you drive your car, how you raise your kids, how clean you keep your home? If you are a reckless driver, you must be a reckless employee who makes poor, hasty, and/or not well thought out decisions. If you spank your kids and your boss does not, you should be fired! Oh, and isn't your level of cleanliness a sign of your mental state? Tell me, do you want to be fired for what kinky things you do in (or out of) the bedroom? Keep in mind inter-racial marriage was illegal in many states less than 40 years ago. So was oral sex.

My point is, people say that a political figure's sex life influences his/her job. I disagree. If you are a minister that has sworn to uphold certain moral standards set by your religious affiliation, then yes, you should be judged on your sex life. But I don't see how a politician, actor, athlete, or business leader's sex life has any bearing on their job. I don't see why they should lose their job for it.

That's all I want to say about that. That's not all I have to say, but that is all I'm saying right now.


Mella said...

Hi Simone
I take it you are referencing Mr. Wiener...I actually like his name ...Well, I am on the fence about this one...I feel bad that he has been practically annihilated in the media. By the way did you see the pictures...They are totally agree that people should not be judged period by others...That is something that God will do in time...I guess my two cents would be to be careful what you put out there...especially sexual activities...On the other hand I do find it rather amusing that many of the politicians and people that are judging or calling for his resignation probably have a lot of skeletons in their closets also which would coin the phrase if you live in a glass house don't throw stones...I guess what my point would be here is that both sides have a responsibility...One side is discretion and good judgement--meaning do not put everything out there...And the other side is don't be quick to judge lest you be judged...Oh one last thing I think the reason why they are coming down hard on the Wiener is because he lied at first and the concern was the trust factor...The people were worried how do they trust a man who vehemently lied initially...It was not so much the fact that he was seen holding his, his, his well wiener but more the fact that he lied about it initially...My take on that is that he is human and I think he has payed the price for the sexting...Simone I hope you dont mind me posting this here...


Hey Mella, I saw the initial Twitter post with just his shirt off. Then I saw the one where with him and two cats he entitled, "Me and the Pussys" which I thought was hysterical. Then I saw the "other" pics. Hot but not cool considering he is married. But I'm not in his marriage so I don't know what his wife does or does not condone.

I do agree with you on the trust thing. Weiner made this a public issue when he posted on a public forum.

Ultimately though, I wish people would focus on the ability to do a job and not a person's personal life.

Oh, and no, I don't mind you commenting here. I like comments, whether people agree with me or not.