Saturday, June 4, 2011


This afternoon, my sister got a phone call from me in which there were muffled noises including screams and wailing.  Concerned for our safety, she wanted to call the police to help us but realized she did not have our address so she drove to my parents' home where my dad and brother were told of the situation. She had hoped to get the address from my mother. She was still listening in to my life.

My phone rang a couple times but I didn't feel like digging it out of my purse. J's phone rang a couple times. It came up 'Unknown Caller' so he didn't answer it. When he checked the voicemail, it was my dad who NEVER calls me or J. So for him to leave a voice message on J's phone. Extreme circumstances.

When my sister called back I was in panic mode. I KNEW something must be wrong with my mother. Why else would my father have called me AND J. And why would my sister be calling now also?!

Turns out, I purse dialed my sister. What she heard was Mini Me freaking out and crying - screaming and wailing. Why? Because I told her to come to my room so I could see what she was wearing. Instead, Mini Me wanted to 'describe' the outfit remotely. Me telling her to come show me brought on a meltdown.

My family loves us!!! How incredibly sweet and kind of them to be so concerned for our safety. As nice as their concern was, I'm not looking forward to the 22 minute cell phone bill for purse dialing Canada.

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