Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Boys

The Boys
Motor Mouth (7), FedEx (21), Mountain Man (19), Book of Eli (17)

I was flipping through some pics my sister shared with me online. Here is a pic of my parents' 4 grandsons, taken at Christmas 2010. All but my Motor Mouth share the same dad - my oldest brother, Donuts.

Doesn't it look like Motor Mouth is a "dummy" and FedEx is the ventriloquist?

I'm going to throw this pic in...
Femme Nikita, Mini Me, Donuts, Shaq, Motor Mouth

These are 3 of my kids' favorite people in the world. They LOVE my brother's wife, Femme Nikita. Mini Me is forever FaceTiming with her cousin, Shaq, who is my brother's youngest daughter.

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