Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I'm Reading

Sadly, my current life expectations prohibit me the luxury of sitting and reading a book, whether paper or on my iPad. It is a shame, because I LOVE reading. But, I have discovered audio books!!!

Audible on iPhone
- Purple Cow by Seth Godin
- Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah
If you sign up for a free Audible membership, you get 2 books free.

Audiobooks on iPhone
- Anna of Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
Some books are offered free.
The only downside of this is that I'm on Part 8 of 14 and on the 3rd person reading to me. This works if you like the voices. I don't care for the current voice but I love the story.

On My iPad
- Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell
Not Free?
The only one I paid for was Port Mortuary. Technically, J paid for that as it was one of my Christmas presents. See, Christmas. It's taking me 2 months to read a book by my favorite author!

Book on CD in Car
- Ramona and Beezus (I have kids!)
I have started borrowing kids' books on CD from our local library.
Keeps the kids quiet in the car.

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