Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday - Winter Carnival

What Works for Me this Wednesday is the Indoor Winter Carnival I hosted at the school where I work.

Part of my role as the marketing & recruiting associate is to host events that will bring our school families and the general public into our building. A great way to get our name into the community through fliers, postcard mailers, web advertising and signs is to have a fun, family event with no strings attached. Come have fun at our school and we will not ask you for your name or even offer a facility tour. 

I lost sleep last week while hoping and praying (begging really) 
to get enough volunteers and at least 200 people attending. We had over 260! 

The Gathering Place (large multi-purpose room)
massive inflatable, free balloons, bracelet making,
activity table, carnival game, seating for parents

Look at the size of that caterpillar inflatable!

The Great Room (gym)
2 inflatables, 3 carnival games, traversing wall
face-painting, temporary tattoos, concessions

3-in-1 Combo Inflatable

Homemade Fishing Game
Kids fished for a Beanie Baby
Judging from the continuous lines, it was a hit!

 Traversing Wall

Even I had my face painted!

This photo sums it all up:
balloons, face-painting, temporary tattoos, bracelet making, 
Beanie Babies won from the fishing game,
shoeless feet to run from inflatable to inflatable, 
popcorn, pizza, rice krispie treats in her tummy,
and a great big smile on her face!

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Shan said...

Looks like a great event!!