Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swimming - Rock Star

Motor Mouth is making me a proud mama!

Motor Mouth has casually been taking swim lessons for 2 years.
Last fall, Motor Mouth was asked to be on the swim team.
I was shocked as he didn't seem that good.

I told Motor Mouth that the goal would be to have fun and to learn to swim even better but not to expect to win until next year. 

I had faith in Motor Mouth but it would be presumptuous to think he would beat kids who had been hard core training for as long as he had been learning to swim. 

This fall, Motor Mouth learned:
the butterfly
the backstroke
how to breathe while swimming
how to start off a board
how to dive
how to do a somersault turn
how to play water polo
and more

Motor Mouth has become my little rock star!
He went from losing his races so badly, he thought he had won to beating kids by almost a pool length!

Each week, he gets faster and better. Last week, Motor Mouth came home with one 1st Place ribbon, one 2nd Place ribbon, and two 3rd Place ribbons. And, Motor Mouth has qualified for 3/4 levels of the city championships.


Emilia Jane said...

Yay for Motor Mouth! That is awesome!

Heather Kay said...

Way to go, MM! Awesome!