Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday - Magic

At work, I have a great big desk. Sometimes, Motor Mouth draws or does homework on the other side of my desk. On Friday, he drew a picture like normal.

But this time, the permanent markers went through the paper and onto the desk!

I didn't know what to do! 
I tried a few products we had handy but nothing worked.

Normally, this is not a good thing. It was compounded by an office move. I have been sharing and office with the development associate. But she is moving to the man cave and I will be in this big office all by myself. Sigh. Deeply. I'm moving to her desk and my desk is going to be used by other people. 

Of all the times to have permanent marker on my desk!!!
At my wits end, I asked the development associate what I should use to get it out. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser she suggested.

It worked!

Magic Erasers are MAGIC.

This was not the first time I ever used a Magic Eraser but never occurred to me to use the eraser on a shiny wood desk. It did not hurt the finish at all. It was cleaned perfectly. I am in LOVE with Mr. Clean!!!

I need to mention that whomever makes Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (S.C. Johnson maybe?) did not pay me for this post. I am just that thrilled it worked for me. 

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Anonymous said...

Just a friendly FYI- Mr. Clean products are made by P&G, not S.C. Johnson. The erasers truly are a magic product. Glad they were able to help you!