Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Christmas Weekend!

I've started several blog posts but didn't finish them. Here is one from the weekend of December 4th/5th....

Moo Moo, our annual houseguest from the North Pole, has returned with is usual adorable sweetness mixed with madness.

It wouldn't be Christmas season if J wasn't working on a set. This time around, he designed a set for Willow Creek Chicago and Soul City Church. And in his spare time, he designed the jacket cover for Park Community Church's new Christmas album and did a Christmas logo for Daystar School. At least three churches used his past set designs. Interestingly enough, J no longer works for a church.

Friday morning, the kids had chocolate milk (from Moo Moo). In the evening we had our weekly Family Friday Night and watched 'A Christmas Carol' with Jim Carrey.

Saturday, Motor Mouth had a swim meet. J had an early set load in. I was alone with the kids. It was the first snowfall of the season. I neglected to purchase snow boots for my children in the fall so I dressed them with rain boots. So trailer trash, I know.

We have garage parking at home. The ramps are heated so the snow doesn't ice or build. But it wasn't working on Saturday morning and the 'Snow Fairies' hired by the condo association had not yet arrived. After many attempts to get out, I had to go up to our condo to get the shovel and my gloves. I felt like mother bear digging out so my baby bear could go to his swim meet.

I forgot to pack a towel for the swim meet. Let that sink in.

After the swim meet, we went snow boot shopping. Better late than never!

Sunday, the kids and I made Christmas cards. I really let the kids make their own design choices and write their own words. Mini Me asked me to dot the letters so she could trace them. It was her idea. What a smart girl I have! Every card was unique. I wish I had taken a photo of them.

Aside from the madness, it was a really great weekend. 

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