Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yet Another Adoption Update

Mini Me's birth mom is BACK in our lives!
We lost touch at the end of September when TT moved back to Tulsa.

Tonight, TT was telling her oldest daughter that she couldn't find our phone number. Her daughter told TT to 'Google them'. So she googled J and found us.

We are now connected on Twitter and Facebook. 
J tagged TT in about 20 pics of Mini Me. 

Oh, I almost forgot! 
TT talked to Mini Me and Motor Mouth on the phone. TT said it was the first time she really had a conversation with Mini Me on the phone. It helps that Mini Me's speech has improved tremendously in the last year and a half since she started school and speech therapy. TT and I have talked on the phone a number of times but Mini Me must have been in school or sleeping.

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