Saturday, December 4, 2010

Moo Moo Day 3

Moo Moo was soooooo naughty yesterday. 
Remember this?

This morning, Motor Mouth asked what we were going to do with Moo Moo. I suggested we put Moo Moo in Mini Me's room and close the door so he couldn't get to the toys and the kitchen. Motor Mouth suggested I take Moo Moo to work with me in my purse. So I did.

Moo Moo was naughty again!
He got on my iPhone and called J before we even left our parking garage!

While at work, Moo Moo kept jumping out of my purse and on to the desk when someone came in the office. To top it off, Moo Moo called Motor Mouth's teacher and left a voice message with him singing.

Moo Moo in time out in my office.

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Crystal Strickler said... Moo Moo starting off the holiday season pretty naughty. I can't imagine how he is going to be by Christmas ;) Hopefully he won't lay any cow patties in anyone's bed when you guys aren't home ;) Perhaps, you should teach Mini Me and Motor Mouth how to cow tip if he creates anymore messes in the house!