Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loft Redecorating Update

J had some downtime creatively this summer/fall so the next thing I knew, we were redecorating our loft! It was long overdue. We finally feel as though the inside of our home matches our urban environment. It's not done - a work in progress.

Chicago skyline painting by J, 2008
When it was given to us, this 6ft frame was white and had an ugly painting of Jesus in it. We've had it for 8-9 yrs and were going to put a mirror in it. This was a much better use.

This mirror was gold and hung in our guest bath in Tulsa.
J painted the mirror black, hung the shelf and added hooks to hold the kids' backpacks and coats.

Gallery of our kids' photos
8x10 b&w

Reading/work area
J collects crosses

We were driving down a street in J's home town 10 years ago when I saw this frame. I had him stop the car. It was gold. We had a mirror put in it and it hung in our guest bedroom in Tulsa. This fall, J took the mirror out and painted it gray.

View from the hallway.
J painted that canvas on the wall

Living Room Right View

Our new style is 'Mid-Century/Modern'
The lamp was a thrift store find

Living Room Left View

See the bookshelf going up the wall on the left?
That is a one-of-a-kind J Widney original.
I'll tell you the evolutionary story of the shelves another time.

J hung 6 lights over the living space.
Ceilings are 15-ft tall and hard to photograph it all.

 New sofa
 We downsized to just our 2 love seats and gave away our sofa when we moved to Chicago. We could never really stretch out or watch movies together. Now we can all 4 fit on our sofa! Love it.

I'm in the process of setting up the bookcases.
I'm adding storage solutions and will 'style' the books.

Isn't this the coolest table ever?!

Dining Room
We did 4 different chairs because we could.

Below is the console table that started it all. 
J found this on Craigslist and the redecorating began. 
It no longer matches anything and will likely be donated!

The light fixture on the table was a gift from a dear friend. 
It is an original from the '50's. 
Please tell me you notice my binoculars near the window...

And now, inside our home matches the city outside.


Lori said...

Everything looks amazing! Of course! Thanks for all the photos. Hope to see it all in person someday soon.

Shan said...

It looks fantastic!!!

Snazzystitch said...

Wow! It all looks amazing. I love all of it! Great job and happy new year!