Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knowing Me, Knowing You - Dec '10

The Fairy Blogmother is home to Knowing Me, Knowing You but she has been extremely busy this month. More busy than you and I. See, she has a job (other than being wife and mom) and there was all the usual Christmas stuff but on top of that, she kicked her Old Village Bakery gig up a notch. The Blogmother was swamped with baking and decorating orders! So she didn't have time to do Knowing Me, Knowing You this month. And it's almost a whole new year! I copied most of her questions from last year. They were good. Enoy!

1. Are you a fruit cake fan?
Nooooo. I hate it. Not sure who invented it but it's just wrong. Torture.

2. What is your favorite at Christmas meal?
This year, we purchased a Honey Baked Ham. J made asparagus, rosemary roasted potatoes, fresh rolls, and a pineapple thing with cranberry thing on top. It was all so yummy! New tradition!

3. How is your tree decorated? A theme? Does it have a more eclectic slant?
Our loft was redecorated and is now Mid-Century/Modern. J felt the tree should follow suit. He went old school with light bulbs, over 100 antique ornaments from a dead woman whose family sold them all, those lights that have water in them and bubble up, and even tinsel!!!
Every year, we buy the kids an ornament. The tree has all of their personal ornaments and a few from their trees as we did not put up trees in each of their rooms this year. (Too much work!)

4. What's youir favorite Christmas movie?
I honestly don't like watching Christmas movies. But I'll say Polar Express. I do enjoy going to the movie theatre with my siblings, which became a tradition for a few years when we were all single.

5. New jammies on Christmas Eve?
It would not be Christmas without new PJs.

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