Saturday, November 20, 2010

Use the Good Dishes, Life is Too Unpredictable

On Friday evening, I was reading my friend's blog. We've known Serenity for almost 15 years. When we met, she was a sweet, high school girl living at home with her parents. Now, Serenity is the beautiful wife of her childhood sweetheart, the mother of 3 delightful boys, a writer, and continues to be one of the most wonderful, kind, generous, and inspiring people I've ever met.

The first time Serenity learned she had cancer in her shoulder, her oldest son was in kindergarten and she was pregnant with her third son. Today, the baby Serenity was carrying is in pre-kindergarten and she has been diagnosed with cancer in her lung. It is treatable with surgery.

Serenity is amazing and we love her dearly. Her blog had me in tears when J came home with pizza for our family night. Typically, we all eat our Friday Family Night pizza on plastic dishes and the kids use plastic cups. Last night, we used the expensive dishes and glasses. All 4 of us.

Life is just too unpredictable. Use the good dishes.


Serenity said...

I love this so much. Thanks for this beautiful post and thanks for using the good dishes. That's a wonderful, wonderful thing to have inspired.

kathy said...

Thank you so much for this, Simone. I'm pulling out the china.

Andrea said...

Yes, Use your good dishes, and as my mother advised, eat dessert first. :) Wonderful words! Thanks!