Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stairs of Death

In Ontario, when I went to school, if you were going to university, you had to take 5 years of high school. You graduated in grade 12 and went on for 1 more year in grade 13. 

I did well in sports and enjoyed health class so I took PE/Health for 4 years. It was only required for 1-2 years. I wanted to take PE/Health in grade 13 but just 1 thing stopped me.

These stairs.

(guys I went to school with at the school's 50th anniversary last night)

From the time I started high school, I knew these stairs loomed in my future. I had no qualms running around the entire school, going up and down other stair cases, running for 90 minutes straight.  I just couldn't do THESE stairs. So I didn't take PE that year. For real.

You see why, right? Those are steeeep stairs!!!

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