Friday, October 15, 2010


I gave my client 2 weeks notice this week. I am so heartbroken.

For two years, when I go to my client's home to work in his home office with him, it is a bright spot in my day and week. So many times, I have gone over there tired, stressed, sad, broken. But when I leave, it's like a healing balm has been placed on my spirit. I walk out with a spring in my step and I'm really happy. It's not that my client says anything special. He is just one of the most interesting, intriguing, and unique individuals I've ever met.

My client's values are no where near those of mine. His lifestyle is like no one else I've met - that has admitted it! So many people I know would not have worked for him. But I learned so much and was exposed to a completely different way of thinking than ever before. If you are surrounded with people who all hold similar beliefs and values and live similar lifestyles, you don't get to find out what others think. You cease to be challenged in your belief systems and can become stagnant, close-minded, and stuck in your ways.

Since moving to Chicago, I've once again become exposed to people of different faiths, orientation, lifestyle, political views, etc. It's refreshing and feels like home again. I'm sad that someone with such a different voice will no longer be in my life on an almost daily basis.

All that, and let me tell you, my client is one of the nicest, kindest, most gentle and brilliant men ever. I'm really, really sad that my life is just too crazy busy to provide the level of service he deserves. Now that I give it more thought, of everyone I've met in Chicago, I've spent more time with my client than with any of my friends outside of my family and a handful of people from work.

I love my life. But I hate it too. I hate that I have to choose and this is what has to go.

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