Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Am Gay

This morning, I was inspired by my friend, Outnumbered, to be real and tell the world that I am gay*.

*Gay: Having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music.

Indeed, I am gay. Not in the jumping in the air, clicking your heels and practically stabbing yourself with an umbrella kind of gay. But the life is good and I know it kind of gay. My life is pretty great. If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet!!

Recently, my son made my year when he told me he enjoys spending time talking to me. Yes, he is 7 and he changed his tune 2 hours later when he didn't get ice cream for dessert, but he said it again a couple days later and I think deep down inside he really means it.

It's amazing how taxing crying can be on an entire family. After 4 years of incessant crying, our daughter has been doing much better lately. It's been a long time since she cried simply because it was windy outside. We have been working really hard to teach her techniques to self-regulate and it seems to be working as well as can be expected for a 4-year old.

My job is busy, all-consuming, yet fulfilling. I have a great group of co-workers and enjoy going to work each day. It feels like I make a difference.

We are in the middle of a redecorating project at home. Our loft looks like a used furniture store or an episode of hoarders right now. But there is a vision. A plan. And an end in sight as soon as our custom furniture arrives!! Our new loft look will finally match our city lives. It feels like we will be more authentic to who we really are. Or who J is considering he is making all of the decorating decisions.

There is some change coming down the pike. I'm excited and anxious for it. It will make life better and more challenging at the same time. But it promises to be a good change for our family.

Is life perfect? No. No one's life is perfect in every area. Grandma Barbara isn't here anymore and that makes life feel really empty sometimes. I have yet to conquer the mountain of laundry that is my nemesis. Single digit clothing sizes seem more distant as each day passes. And while we live in a really cool loft, it is not Trump Tower which means we have yet to become independently wealthy.

I have a great life that I enjoy living most days. And, I'm grateful to Outnumbered for reminding me that every now and then, we need to take account of all the good we have going on and recognize that we are blissfully happy and our grass is pretty green right now.


Out-Numbered said...

You go girl!!!

Chelsea said...

I, too, am gay, Simone, and happy to know that you are. ;-> Love you.