Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Herb

This is Herb.

Well, technically, his parents gave him a different name at birth.  However, I gave my boy a different name at birth but this man insists on calling my son, "Herbert" or "Herb" for short.  

Last week, I took Mini Me to a birthday party while Motor Mouth and J were at the Tall Ships at Navy Pier. Herb was there with his lovely wife and their beautiful daughter. 

Herb's conversation with Mini Me went "something" like this:

"I know you." Mini Me

"You do?" Herb

"You call my brother, Turd!"

"No, I don't! I call him 'Herb'."

"Yes, you do!!! You call my brother 'Poop'!"


Crystal Strickler said...

I love it! :) Very appropriate post :) Hopefully Mini-me won't go around calling her brother Turd too often ;P

Jen said...

The real question is, why Herb? Mini Me is absolutely hysterical!