Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Over. Forever. I think.

I was cleaning out Mini Me's closet.  J was sitting on her bed observing the process. He said I needed to toss the diaper changing pad. And the potty/step stool combo. And a couple baby blankets. Mini Me's stroller was in there and it's also where the extra toddler car seat typically lives. He said we need to get rid of it all.

But I use them!! He asked when? When your sister and your sister-in-law came with their babies, this was very handy to have. "Get rid of it," he said. I've babysat kids here and it was very handy to have. "Have you babysat in the last year? Get rid of it." I loan my friends this stuff when they have friends in town. "Give it to them. Get rid of it."

He then told me I was reminding him of those people on Hoarders. Hoarders!! Hoarders!!! That cut me to the core.

I've been thinking about it a fair bit since. You know what it is? It's the fact that I will never have another child. Not that I want the late night feedings or diaper changes, etc. It's that I am forced to come to terms with the fact that I will truly never have another baby. Yes, I would buy all new stuff for a new baby, but letting go of the baby stuff means babydom for me is over. Forever. I think.


Molly Nickerson said...

As I am struggling with some of the same things -- my youngest turned 2 this summer and is fast losing his baby-ness -- I have a hopeful thought for you Simone. GRANDBABIES!!! Yes, it will be awhile til this time of life, but time flies and then we'll be able to buy tons of cute stuff again and fall in love with baby skin/feet/milestones all over again. AND we can skip the 2 am feedings part! So enjoy the season you're in, knowing that there are good things ahead.

Snazzystitch said...

Oh WidneyWoman, I wouldn't think about it like that. You should be happy to get rid of all the stuff and enjoy watching your baby grow. I mean isn't that the amazing part, watching your child develop and become an adult?
I agree with Molly also, just wait for grand-babies!


Ladies, I will blog my response to you and post tomorrow.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, I remember that feeling SO well. And I'm usually pretty good about getting rid of things, but I ABSOLUTELY can relate to this. Huge hugs to you.