Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPad vs Kindle

Last Tuesday morning, I thought, "I'd really like an electronic reader, like a Kindle, so I can read my books without bulking up my purse." Out of 'if you think it, it will come' thinking, my husband brought home a Kindle for me.

I've used an iPad and now I've used a Kindle. Which do I prefer?

Well, in my pre-iPhone and iPad days, the Kindle would have been wonderful. I wouldn't have expected to touch the screen and make the pages turn or to be able to touch a book title to have its details magically appear. The Kindle would have been great. And I guess, if I use a Blackberry, the Kindle would be great too.

My dear bloggy friend Lit and Laundry loves her Kindle. It's not that there is anything wrong with the Kindle, but I've experienced the iLife and Kindle feels like I'm going back in time. I find myself getting really frustrated and want to smash the thing. I should give it away.

But the books on Amazon that I can buy are cheaper than on iTunes. I do like that. And I do like the fact that the Kindle is MINE. That means I can use it when I want to and not when my kids let me after they play games on the iPad or when J is done doing what he does on there. iLife is fine but myKindle is, well, mine.

So, there you have it. My opinion of the Kindle. Please be sure to read my disclaimer at the bottom of my site (scroll allllllllll the way down).

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felicity said...

I use the Kindle and Nook apps so I have the best of both worlds! : ) But I do have to admit that in a big family there are times I would be content to read on an e-reader while the kids employ the iPad for more technologically pressing matters. Size and battery life are pretty big pros for the Kindle as well.