Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I'm Popular For

More people are drawn to my blog to see this:

It's a hat I crocheted for my husband last year.
It's called 'Husband Hat'

There are days that over 100 people look at this hat on my blog.
And some of them actually follow the pattern I wrote.
Some post photos.

Like this one

And this one

This person credits my pattern on but not her blog...

I tried to follow a pattern to make a hat. 
I screwed up and in the end, made my own pattern.
Now crochet websites are directing people to MY pattern. 

That's messed up.


Jen said...

Either messed up or brilliant! ;-)

What's a Ragamuffin? said...

You are an amazing woman...

You are not only the coolest mom I know but you work, volunteer all over the place, love on your kids and husband immensely AND crochet! Do you have more hours in your day than I do!?!

Well done Ms. Widney!