Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Yourself

From time-to-time, I Google myself. I google my married name and my maiden name. It's not vanity. It's about knowing what information is out about me. 

I have an online presence. 
I blog. I Twitter. I Facebook. I'm LinkedIN.

My mother is always telling me to be careful of what I put out. And that people only know about you what you tell them. Not necessarily true anymore. There is a bunch of stuff out about me that I did not post. 

For the most part, I believe that if I live my life honestly and do my best not to royally piss people off, what is out there about me should be safe and things I don't mind an employer finding out. Besides, my current employer follows me on Twitter and is a Facebook friend. There's no hiding....

Rest assured, important people DO Google you (not just your ex-boy/girlfriend). A couple months ago, I was dealing with a potential supplier. During our conference call, he asked if I had lived in Tulsa. I did. He had Googled me and read my blog before we talked. 

What's out there about me?

  • Corporate Project Manager for a well respected company
  • Marketing & Recruiting for a private school
  • Fundraising Banquet Co-Chair/Chair for non-profit
  • Assistant Director for a Literary and Arts Festival
  • Research & Personal Assistant to a Literature Foundation Director
  • Blog Reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishing
  • PTO Secretary for a school
  • Comments I made on friends blogs
  • My knitting/crochet group
  • All of my blogs
  • All of my tweets
Who needs a resume when you have Google??

Most of that is stuff I've done since moving to Chicago 2 years ago. Quite honestly, I think I look really good on the net! My mother should be proud. Haha!!

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