Sunday, August 15, 2010

Do Your Research, Dear Christian Fanatic

There are days I am ashamed to be a Christian. The Christian "Right" should be called the "Christian Herd" for the follow the leader herd mentality exhibited time and time again. Don't believe everything "they" say!! Take a moment and do 5 minutes of research for yourself.

Ground Zero Mosque

1. September 11th Memorial
Did you know the building housing the mosque will ALSO have a September 11th memorial and quiet contemplation space?

2. Among Other Things
The mosque is being built INSIDE a much larger Community Center facility housing: a Recreation Center (pool, gym, basketball court), 500-seat Auditorium, Culinary School and Restaurant, Library, Art Studios, Childcare Services. The mosque is to be run separately from the community center. Speaking as someone who lives in a large city, I can tell you there can't be enough community centers and places to take my children.

3. Location
Have you SEEN the location that is "only 2 blocks" from Ground Zero? Look at the map!! In a city as large as New York, 2 blocks is not the same thing as in suburban America. There are a lot of buildings crammed into those blocks. In addition, the Mosque is not straight down the street. You have to go down 2 blocks and turn down another street. Someone visiting Ground Zero is NOT going to stumble upon this place. You have to seek it out.

3. Not All Muslims are Terrorists
That's like saying all Christians are Jesus freaks that go stand on street corners preaching and speaking in tongues all day long, slaying people in the spirit, holding healing meetings and prophesying about death and damnation. Personally, I haven't done any of those "extreme" Christian actions lately. Have you? I'm thinking not many Muslims blow themselves up in suicide missions or they would be in danger of extinction by now (along with the rest of civilization).

4. Not in My Backyard
Mayor Bloomberg had no legal grounds to deny the building of the mosque, thanks to American laws and the American constitution. Our Christian school in Chicago recently received a permit to build non-profit leased spaces - including space for churches to meet. Should Chicago say yes to a church and New York say no to a mosque? Click here to read Mayor Bloomberg's amazing speech.

But don't take my word on all of this. Go research BOTH sides of the argument for yourself.

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Jen said...

This whole situation is so disheartening. Given that some of the earliest immigrants here came for the right to practice their religion unmolested, I can't imagine what the protesters are thinking. I saw a great discussion on FB the other day - my friend had posted a similar note to your entry and someone responded to him, "We have to fight them here, so we don't have to fight them over there," and my friend's response was, "fight whom? The Founding Fathers?"


Great post. And also I can't stress how important it is for committed Christians to speak out, because Christians are being labeled, too, as are the majority of Muslims. We're in such a sad state right now.