Monday, June 14, 2010

Yours and Mine

Have you seen the newest KY Kissable Sensations commercial? It's hysterical. The commercial advertises the latest addition to the line: 'K-Y Kissable Sensations for the Body'. It's chocolate and strawberry flavored. (J thinks they should make mashed potatoes and gravy or chicken fried steak flavoring for men.) If it is anything like the K-Y Yours + Mine, ummm... WoW!!
Some of you might recall my dear friend, Oprah, was kind enough to give us a parting gift that included K-Y Yours + Mine. If you have not tried it yet, go here for a coupon and get thee some Yours + Mine!! (Available at your local drug store.)
This blog entry was not paid for or supported in any way by K-Y or anything or anyone associated with K-Y. This is purely a posting done out of the goodness of my heart as a public service for couples looking for some good times, baby!

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