Sunday, June 13, 2010

Canada or Bust

This has been a full couple of weeks. It's obvious the school year ends next week with lots of school activities at both kids' schools. One more week until both kids are out of their respective schools for the summer. And then, it's off to Canada!!

Yes, this means my passport has arrived!!
One full year of an expired passport and the hassles that were necessary to get a new Canadian passport. I feel like I'm Canadian again and it feels sooooooo good.
J and I are looking forward to resting. We won't have our iPhones turned on. My parents are really busy people but their lifestyle is much more laid back. I'm excited about just hanging out with my sister and my mom. And hearing my dad's horrible jokes first hand. I'll get to spend an evening with my brothers and sister and parents together as a family. It's been 2 years since I've seen my brothers!!

We are headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a good portion of our visit. Mini Me has been to Niagara Falls but doesn't remember it as she was so young. Now, she will remember. The last time we visited The Falls, we had been living in Tulsa and were shocked at paying $10 for parking near The Falls. Now, we are like, "ONLY $10!! That's a bargain!!!" Hahahaha! Motor Mouth wants to go see a ship wreck he has been wanting to see up close for 3 years - his memory is that good!

It's kinda funny - We used to look forward to going to my family's restaurant and for a great meal. Now, we are looking forward to visiting their colon cleansing business...

J and I are going to have a date night.

All this crammed into 3 days.

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