Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grandma Grandma Passed Away Today

Grandma Barbara
July 21, 1933 - June 26, 2010

Barbara & Lester Widney

1st great-grandchild.
Grandma's dreams of being a great-grandparent
were fulfilled when Motor Mouth was born.
Motor Mouth's 1st night home

Mini Me's 1st photo shoot

We still have Grandpa Grandpa

She was a wonderful grandmother to J. She was wonderful to me and to our children.

Grandma taught J to love so much of what he does well today. Gardening, cooking, baking. You might think I'm J's biggest fan, but I'm nothing compared to how proud she was of J. She loved seeing J's creations. J reminded Grandma of her father.
Many of J's fondest childhood memories involve his grandmother. J has so many wonderful stories about gardening with his grandma or baking or just great memories of how much she treasured their special relationship.
Two years ago, Grandma was diagnosed with cancer. That summer, we cancelled our Europe vacation for our 10th wedding anniversary to spend the time with Grandma. I told J that "Paris and London will always be there, but Grandma won't be."
Last year, we missed Mini Me's first ballet and jazz recital so we could be with Grandma who had become very ill. It did not look like she would survive the week. But she did!!
I can't begin to tell you how much Grandma meant to me and how much I truly loved her. We got to spend time getting to know each other well. My favorite jewelry pieces were given to me by Grandma. When she gave me a few of her cookbooks, I was so overwhelmed. Cooking was one way Grandma showed her love, so for her to give me a cookbook??? Love, love, love. Grandma's used cookbooks were the best gifts I've ever received.
Grandma was so sweet and kind. For our birthdays or special occasions, she would bake our favorite dessert or make our favorite dish or both. In 15 years, I never once heard Grandma say anything mean or harsh to or about someone. She was sweet inside and out.
Grandma loved me as her own grandchild. I loved hanging out with her and talking on the phone. In addition to our regular family meals at J's parents' home, we would get together with Grandma and Grandpa about every 3 months when we lived in Tulsa.
The last time I spoke to Grandma on the phone, we laughed about the days when Grandma begged us for a great-grandchild. "All of my friends have great-grandbabies but I don't even have 1." Motor Mouth is the oldest of 22 great-grandchildren
age 7 and under with 2 more on the way!!
She was a hands on great-grandma that played with our kids. Our kids loved playing at Grandma Grandma's house. They had special toys for our kids when they came over. She was so excited when we asked them to babysit the kids. Our kids LOVED Grandma Barbara.

She even treated our friends as her own.

Annual Widney pumpkin patch photo - Oct 2007

This is how I will remember Grandma Grandma
Happy. Smiling. Laughing. Loving.


Anonymous said...

great pictures that has special memories for your family - we are so sorry

Anonymous said...

Simone, I never saw this until today. What a beautiful depiction of her. She was the best Grandma in the world. When I become a grandma one day, I want to be just like her. As young as my children are, they have precious memories of Grandma...the few times they did get to spend days with her. Thank you for sharing all of this. I'll never stop missing I know your family will too.
Love you guys, Cherish