Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Montessori Style

Mini Me's class has a big Mother's Day celebration in the classroom each year. This is an opportunity for the children to show their parents around their class, taking them to their favorite stations and explaining what all goes on. I'm so thankful to my co-workers for covering for me so I was able to make it!!
She certainly loves the liquid soap!
It's funny her favorite station is one that I remember most from touring the school. Montessori is big on real life learning and growing the whole child. Pouring water from one container to another is actually a pretty important developmental stage for children of this age.
Mini Me is so smart!!
She was able to put the cards in order in no time.
The children read us a story & sang songs.
A gift for me!!
(Those are hand prints, not marijuana plants)
My big girl. I'm so proud of her!!

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Andrea said...

Well, first I wanted to thank you for you comment on my blog about the Good Mother. Kid, if there ARE bad mothers, then there are bad kids, and bad fathers, and where does the blame stop. I'm glad you were encouraged.
You daughter is darling, beautiful, and looks like just a whole lot of fun.
Enjoy them while they are small--I know you've heard this--but they grow up so fast, and just too soon.