Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life is NOT Fair!

If life were fair, I'd _________ (fill in the blank). What did you fill it in with? Something great and wonderful?

Our 7-yr old son is on a "that's not fair!" kick lately whenever he is denied something. It could be anything from being told to clean his room to not getting suckers 30 minutes before bedtime.

Motor Mouth's constant declaration that life is not fair has gotten me thinking. Life isn't fair. It really isn't. And I think that is a good thing. We need to throw out our internal scorecards that rate fairness. Too much good comes from the bad in our lives. If life were fair, think of all the amazing experiences you would have missed out on.

When our son says life is not fair, it makes me think of what would have happened if life WAS fair. If life was fair, Motor Mouth's birth mom would have grown up in a safe, loving and caring environment. If life were fair, Motor Mouth's birth mom would not have found herself pregnant at age 15. If life were fair, J and I would have been able to have biological children. If life were fair, we would have never found ourselves needing an adoption agency. If life were fair, we would not have the 2 most incredible and wonderful children that ever lived.

That's right, son, life's not fair. And I'm really glad it's not.

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