Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am A Bag Lady - What?!

J calls me a 'Bag Lady'. I don't claim that title. If he meant it in a kind, loving manner because I like purses, then I would relish the title. I DO love purses. As it stands, I don't like the title. 'Bag Lady' conjures up visions of a down-on-her-luck woman (not lady) who lugs around bags that contain her life's possessions in a shopping cart. That IS NOT me!! I don't walk around with a shopping cart!

I am a fun, witty, self-depricating Canadian who likes to recycle. That's all. I like to recycle. I especially like to recycle cute shopping bags. Does THAT make me a 'Bag Lady' or a "Frugalista"? My money is on the latter.
Case in point. My dearly beloved purchased these lovely book-looking cases to carry our Mac laptops in.
I should have clued in that these were not bargain basement accessories when they came with this bag to cover the case while in transit.
Isn't that a great little bag? I could put my shoes in there, or my lunch, or my crochet project. Maybe a book or two, even. I could take it to the beach and not have to carry a purse! I could take it to the produce store and save a plastic bag from an eternity in a landfill (or something like that). Oh, wouldn't this be perfect on a road trip to carry my 'activities'. The uses for this durable and cute bag are endless.

So you tell me..."Bag Lady" or "Frugalista"?


Emilia said...

I embrace the title--also for my love of purses that are really large bags ;-) How great are those cases! I was looking at them yesterday and honestly thought about getting a new macbook pro over a new iMac just for the case!

Serenity said...

Gorgeous case! I love blending modern technology with what I consider more aesthetic touches. Love it. And some shopping bags are so adorable, it's just crazy to not use them elsewhere.