Saturday, March 27, 2010

8 Days of Birthday Celebration

Our kids' birthdays are 3 days apart. That means they share a birthday party. And have for the last 3 years until this year. I had a fundraising banquet for Motor Mouth's school on the day that we would have had their birthday party. Lots of valid reasons why we couldn't do a party the week before or after. Also, if you have ever planned a fundraising event, you know not to book anything the night before or the day after.

Day 1
Family Friday Night
Mini Me's birthday was the day of the banquet so J got her a rose, a butterfly balloon, cupcakes, and the new Princess & the Frog movie that we watched together after our regular pizza night.

Day 2
Banquet Day / Mini Me's Birthday
Mini Me got to eat a cupcake for breakfast on her birthday. We were going to visit a cafe in town that has Mini Me's name in its title. However, when we pulled up, it was closed. Website said they opened at 9:30 am. It was 10:00 am. We went to Panera Bread instead. I was at work by 11:15 am to work on the banquet.

Day 3
Kids got the UP Wii game.
It's a hard game, apparently.
Day 4
Motor Mouth got an army looking balloon (it was the most masculine balloon after Elmo). Instead of a rose, Motor Mouth got a pack of play money and coins. Also a few cupcakes. Grandma and Grandpa Widney arrive long after bedtime.

Day 5
Motor Mouth's Birthday
Motor Mouth got to eat a cupcake for breakfast on his birthday. And wake up to Grandma and Grandpa!! Kids went to school. We brought cupcakes into Motor Mouth's class and passed them around to all the teachers and admin staff in the school. Then it was off to Mini Me's school for a cupcake repeat. Jazz picked Portillo's as where he wanted to eat dinner. Afterwards, we had ice cream at Margie's Candies. The kids got bikes for their birthdays.
Day 6
The kids got to go riding on their new bikes after school with Grandma and Grandpa. Mini Me had her first wipe out. A trip to Target resulted to get her new girly bandaids. Motor Mouth got to pick out his own boy bandaids just in case.
Day 7
We told the kids we got them a season pass to the Adler Planetarium and to the Museum of Science & Industry. They didn't have to go to school. They hung out with Grandma and Grandpa all day.
Day 8
Family Friday Night/Birthday Dinner
No school again. More hanging with the G-parents. Birthday dinner with 3 friends each. Super Mario theme.

After all of this celebration, we still have 2 Wii games we forgot to give them!

Next year, I'm picking 1 day and that is it!!

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Jen of A2eatwrite said...

But these all sound GREAT! I love the fact that the focus is on family time, fun things to do... not THINGS so much.

Lucky, lucky kids!