Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!!

This is me in grade 9 or 10 with my friend Churcher. I had good times with Churcher. We used to volunteer at the hospital every Friday after school to deliver flowers to patients. I got involved and suckered her in some how. Not sure how I managed it. We were supposed to be Candy Stripers. You know, pink and white striped dress, ankle socks. Well, Churcher was not exactly the dress wearing type. We very soon began wearing blue jackets instead.

I met Churcher in grade 8 when her family lived in our school area. I remember how excited she was when she won a battle to attend our high school. Churcher took a couple city buses every day to get to school. We lost touch after grade 12. I have missed this girl for all these years and wondered where she was and what happened to her.
Months ago, I commented on this photo of Churcher posted by a mutual high school friend, basically asking if anyone knew what happened to her. This week, the mutual friend's sister works with Churcher and passed on my email address and I exchanged emails with Churcher tonight. How awesome is that?!!


Mommy Project said...

I've thought about her so many times, too! Is she on FB (that's why I was stalking you this week)? ;-)
How is she?!
Please say "Hi" from Nam!

Shan said...

That is awesome!!