Friday, February 5, 2010

Parent Fail #327

Thursday, I got to work with Motor Mouth on time and with such a wonderful, peaceful morning under our belts. Everything just flowed and went so smoothly. I even got to work early! Then Motor Mouth saw another kid from his class and said, "Mommy! It's Pajama Day today!!"

In a shocked and dazed state, I quickly made it to his teacher who...was wearing HER pajamas. Nice.
I had an 8:00 am marketing meeting and spent 7:35 to 7:50 trying to reach my husband to ask him to head back home to get a pair of PJ's for Motor Mouth. Did I mention J was to be in the 8:00 am meeting with me?

Clearly, Daddy saved the day as I found Motor Mouth's discarded jeans and shirt in a heap next to my office chair. I have since learned Motor Mouth's Star Wars PJs were a big hit with the kids in his class. Seems he has cool hair and cool PJs.

Friday morning, Mini Me told us it was Pajama Day at her school. Naturally, we did not believe our 3 year old because we thought she just wanted to wear PJs like her brother did the day before. We told Mini Me her teacher would have given us a note if that were the case. Mini Me said she heard her principal talk and say to wear pajamas on Friday. On went the uniform.

As J was putting her lunch in her backpack, he noticed the note from her teacher saying that for a $1 donation, Mini Me could wear pajamas today. Did I mention the kids and I had our coats on and we were on time so I could get to work on time??

Mini Me looked very cute in her pajamas with her robe hanging down past her coat. And she has a great time at pajama day. I was 15 minutes late for work.

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Shan said...

Only fail #327. I'm jealous, mine is much higher than that.