Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Facts of Life for Mini Me

J was lucky enough to pull parenting duty tonight...

Mini Me: "Let's play doctor!"
Motor Mouth: "I'm gonna be the doctor first!"
Mini Me: "Daddy, you play DEAD first!"
(Dead patients? Too much NCIS...)

The game progresses...

Mini Me: "Okay, let's play go to the hospital and have a baby."
(She saw a birth on TV 2 months ago and is obsessed.)
Mini Me: "I want a baby girl. Let's cut it's penis off!"
Daddy: "Girls are just born girls and boys are just born boys.
Mini Me: "Oh."

The game progresses...

Mini Me: "Okay, Daddy, now YOU go to the hospital and have a baby."
Daddy: "Boys can't have babies. Only girls can."
Crying and fits ensued.
Mini Me. "You are WRONG!! You are WRONG. Daddy, you are wroooooong!!"
Crying and fits ensued.
Fortunately for me, I was not home for any of this.
Truly, there is a God.


Crystal said...

LOL! What a great story to wake up to! :P The funny thing is, is I can see all three of them playing this out.

Shan said...