Saturday, October 3, 2009

Urban Child Care

The other day, I took Motor Mouth and 2 of his school friends after school to meet their Dad. We travelled on the city bus. 2 buses, actually.

Waiting next to a dinosaur leg

Giving love on the bus

Like her new glasses? Isn't she adorable!!

Boys will be boys!

Protestors next to Ralph Lauren Polo Grill

More protestors
I had to explain why people strike and picket

Creepy, pedophile looking guy
I steered the kids away from him and gave him a
"I got your number, buddy" look

Climbing the bus pole
I should have taken pictures of all the kids enjoying an ice cream snack before their Dad picked them up. Oh well. You see one kid eating ice cream, you've seen them all.

1 comment:

Heather Kay said...

All experiences my kiddo's have never had. I would feel very out of my element there!