Sunday, October 4, 2009

Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis - MS

A few years back, I started getting these shooting nerve bursts. The bursts went from my head to my fingers or down my back. One time, I timed it and they were happening over 20x/minute. I had MRI's done, x-rays, went to chiropractic, and more. No one was telling me what they thought it was.

I went on the internet and did some research. Turns out, my symptoms most resembled MS. I asked my doctor if that is what they were looking for and he confirmed. It was shocking to me. I started studying MS. Annette Funicello has been battling it for decades. Did you know Montel Williams has been living with MS for many years?

Then one day I saw where people were complaining about the side effects of Paxil. See, I lean toward the side of neurotic. When we were best friends many years ago, my now husband described life with me as a roller coaster ride. Um...whatever.

A few months before that, I gotten it in my head that it would be good to take Paxil. My doctor thought it was a good idea too. There I was, living life on Paxil. For 3 months. I'm sure a placebo would have had the same leveling effect. But then I read you can't be on anti-depressants if you want to adopt. So I got off. Weaned off like I went on - gradually stepping down in dosage.

The withdrawal effects of Paxil? Same as the ones I was having which were strangely similar to MS symptoms. Whew!! It was just withdrawal. Within a month or so, I was fine again. Whew!

That all happened about 7 years ago. I thought I'd share. You never know who you can help when you share your story.


Whittaker Woman said...

I was all ready to encourage you, my mama has MS. So i had my guns ready to tell you how things gonna be. But glad you are just having withdrawls! H

Heather Kay said...

That Paxil can be wicked stuff. My bro-in-law was prescribed it and when he weaned himself off he had horrible nightmares for weeks. I am glad you are okay!

Cheryl Lage said...

Like Whittaker Woman, I was all ready to offer support and encouragement as one of my dearest friends has had MS for over a decade and is thriving (albeit with challenges, but thriving!). Glad to know it's withdrawals... :)

Crystal said...

Ditto to what everyone else has said. I am glad it is not MS as my mother and aunt of mine has been battling it for over 15 years. Thankfully it was just withdrawals. Paxil and many of the other anti-depressants are great medications for many people, unfortunately, sometimes you have to balance the side effects vs. benefits with each one.

Shan said...

Wow! Glad it was just withdrawals.