Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MUST HAVE 4 Back-to-School

I had to label ALL of Mini Me's clothes, shoes, socks, and stuff for school. I have Sharpie markers but they sometimes bleed through. Plus, I consign our kids' clothes and hate buying consignment with other kids' names on them. Enter: OLIVER'S LABELS

I searched the web for pre-printed, peel-n-stick labels. What sets Oliver's Labels apart, aside from being reasonably priced, PEEL-N-STICK (and they STAY until you want them off) is the LOST & FOUND feature. If lost, there is a code to enter the website. Plus, they have a great assortment of designs and the best 'Back-to-School' package that served our needs perfectly.

We ordered the Space Theme - So cute!!
Oliver's Labels has a great return time. I ordered my labels on a Friday morning and needed them in about a week. With standard shipping, they arrived faster than the 5-7 business days promised. Plenty of time to peel and stick.

We purchased the School Package. The link for packages is at the bottom of the site.

It's not just for school!!
I even put Oliver's Labels on MY laptop and iPhone. Wish I had it when I lost my camera last year. I put labels on the kids' Leapster hand-held and each game cartridge.

Okay. Clearly, I love these labels.
Go BUY some!! They really are awesome!

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