Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mini Me is BRIGHT!!

At a parent orientation, we asked about a 4-yr old girl Mini Me talks about all the time. The teacher said, "Mini Me is a bright child so she naturally gravitates toward the older children." J said, "Really? She's bright?" To which the teacher said, "Yes. Mini Me is one of our brightest 3-yr olds."

WHAT?? She's B-R-I-G-H-T?? Mini Me is bright? OUR Mini Me???? WoW.

It's not that we think Mini Me is slow but compared to where Motor Mouth was at her age, Mini Me is developmentally delayed.

People told us Motor Mouth was advanced. But we didn't want to be 'those parents' who think their child is so super smart. We've turned that corner a bit. Teaching Motor Mouth this year made me realize how smart he really is. Heck, the kid learned to count by 5's and by 10's to 100 in one 1 hour session.

Ultimately, it was nice to hear Mini Me is bright. We know she is a smart girl. We just didn't expect to hear that she is among the top in her class. We have 2 super star kiddos. How amazing is that!

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CrystalStrickler said...

Gooooooo Mini Me :) That is awesome :) She is a smart cookie just like the rest of the family! :) Sounds like she is enjoying school and quite the social butterfly already ;)