Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get New Employees Productive by Noon on Day 1

I was able to be a contributing member of my new workplace by Noon on Day 1.  It's not often new employees can say that. Not because I'm such a rockstar but because my employers did pre-work that enabled me to jump right in.

Here is what my new employers did:

1. Gave job description, duties, salary in an email.
-  I don't think this is standard, but great as I could review and prep questions.

2. Gave HR forms at job offer meeting. 
- These were taken home and to be returned before start day.
- Saved hours in HR the first day.
- Required fingerprinting completed and clearance approved before start.

3. Computer access was setup as was my email address. 
- Seems basic and minor, but not many IT departments get it done without a reminder phone call on start day. Or they setup this but not that.

4. Pre-printed lists of training/orientation areas to cover. 
- Too many companies wing it.
- Building tour, forms location, network info, procedures, etc.

5. Fax and phone lists updated with my name
- Ummm...Wow.

6. Keys and Security Code
- Building keys and alarm code all given on Day 1

7. Office was clean and ready
- My office was not a storage location with a bunch of junk I had to wade through before finding the desk top

8. Welcome e-mail. 
- The office manager sent me a 'welcome' email. How nice was that?!


Lori said...

They seem like they have it together! Hope you have a great experience there.

Serenity said...

Impressive. They made you feel welcome and productive? Pretty cool.

jasonwidney said...

And all this organization from a Christian organization... not often found.