Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Not What I Am

Last week, Mercy Street wrote this about not identifying with what you do because that is not who you are. It is what you do. I needed to read that.

It was a good, timely reminder. I have fallen in love with my housewife/stay@home mom titles. In a few days, I must remove my current titles and return to working mom status. Can you hear the deep sighs over the violin playing and the passing of the wine and cheese trays?

Returning to the work world is for our family's greater good. I'm aware of that. It is somewhat of a dream job, working only 4 days/week and being able to keep my little research assistant business. Perhaps it is the end of this brief era I am mourning.

I need to remember that at the core of it all, I am still a wife and a mom - working or not. I am me and that remains unchanged. In some countries, this would be a cause for celebration. Please raise your glasses with me...!

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Kathy said...

Please consider my glass raised and accept my best wishes for this new season.