Sunday, June 21, 2009


A few weeks ago, we drove to Tulsa with our 2 kids. At 8:00 PM, J decided we should leave at 10:00 PM and drive ALL NIGHT!! 

I thought he was insane. However, my husband was right. It was an amazing experience!! 

We didn't stop for potty breaks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or walks around Wal-Mart. We didn't have to referee fights, divvy out snacks, replace game batteries, or bring a gazillion toys. J and I took turns driving and had a great stash of Red Bull and stay awake snacks. The only time we stopped was to gas up and for our own potty breaks.  The trip was the closest thing to Nirvana (not the band).

On the way home, we messed up. The kids had played extremely hard that day. Motor Mouth had night terrors. Mini Me was overtired and restless in her seat and whimpering most of the night. We left close to 11:30 PM. WE were over tired. 

At one point, J pulled over so we could all sleep. Then he started snoring which ticked me off so bad!! I ended up driving the majority of the night. It felt like we were never going to get home. To top it off, Motor Mouth's face started swelling (happens EVERY time we go back to Tulsa). We had to take him to the doctor as soon as we got back into town.

Would we do it again?

Would we change anything?
Leave no later than 10 PM

Would we recommend it?


FaithChick said...

Been there done that. When we came to visit you guys we drove in the middle of the night. So easy. On the way home we drove during the day. You must have a DVD player in car if you are going to make a long trip in the car. Otherwise kids left on the side of the road.


When you drove through the night, I thought you guys were insane and that your husband was a machine. I never want to drive during the day with children ever again.

Jen said...

That's exactly how we drove out to Colorado a few days ago. It was fantastic not having to feed Connor every 3 hours or take the dog out to pee.