Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finally, a Father's Day Gift that Rocks!

My husband, when being really honest, will tell you I suck at gift giving. J is the BEST at it!! This year, I know that I know that I know I got him something he wants and will love. 

This year, J is getting 'Settlers of Catan'. 

Settlers is a board game out of Germany that has a growing cult following. It has been described as a designer board game. 
We first heard of the game at one of MAM's great game nights. J fell in love with Settlers - like no other game he has ever loved. Maybe because he beat me at it (a first).  
Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful father a girl could have for her children.


Heather Kay said...

I wish we lived closer! My husband and I are Settler's junkies! The friend that taught us moved away and we have yet to find any close by that enjoy it. We have taught our kids and play it for family night occasionally. Have a great day!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Fabulous game and what a wonderful Father's Day gift! This will give hours and hours of enjoyment for the whole family and is something you all can keep playing for years.

BTW... Munchkin is great fun, too.

Shan said...

My brother and his wife play it a lot with their friends. I've played it with them, but we've never really gotten into it. Glad you got something he loves.

CrystalStrickler said...

Hahaha! Very cool! :) I'm sure J loved his gift. Seriously...we need to get together and we can have a board game night. Carl loves Settlers...I have only played it once but it was pretty fun :)