Friday, June 19, 2009

Four for Friday

working-in-bed-2.jpgQ1 - Pillow Talk: Over a 1/4 of UK employees are so work obsessed they can't resist using a mobile device such as a laptop in bed before they go to sleep. Do you work at night while in bed?
- I don't. J does that with his iPhone though.

Q2 - Staying Home: Do you think certain 'essential' professionals -- such as teachers, firemen, doctors & nurses -- should be barred by law from walking out and striking?

- I saw what a strike did to my friends' families financially and what it did to our city when I was a kid. I think no one should be 'allowed' to strike.

Q3 - Turning Around and Going Back: When was the last time you forgot something and had to turn back around to retrieve it? How long did it take and what was it that you forgot in the first place?

- Last week Wednesday. J forgot his wallet so I had to bring it to him. Only I forgot to take it with me, so I had to turn around and get it.

Q4 - Different Path: Assuming you had never gone into the career you are currently in, what would be doing now professionally

- Hmmm...I'm a stay@home mom right now... I guess I would be a working mom?

I found this gem HERE.

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Shan said...

Yeah I'm with you on the strike thing. Just doesn't seem fair to the people who the loss of service is affecting.