Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate - Yup, I'm Going There

I watched the Jon & Kate Plus 8 season premiere Monday night to hear their sides. As I watched, I realized this is none of my business. Just because we watch their "version of reality" reality show, doesn't mean we deserve a response from them. They don't have to justify their actions to us. 
Just because someone invites me into their living room and lets me accompany them on their family vacations, birthdays and trips around town, doesn't mean I am entitled to know every thing going on with them.

Watching Jon and Kate bungle through the interview and show, I put myself in their shoes. How difficult would it be to have marriage problems and cameras on you, paparazzi following you, people you trusted running their mouths about you and then have the world labeling and condemning you? Would your marriage survive?

You know what makes a reality show good? Drama. I wonder if this will be the very best season for the Jon & Kate plus 8 franchise. Keep watching...It just might be.


Mommy Project said...

Hmmmm...all I can think of is "nothing in life is free". If you agree to do a show that is all about your lives together, as a couple, as a family...then things start to go badly in your lives and in your family...the show is still going to (rightfully) expect you to be there and to talk about it. You can't take all the money, all the free clothes, and trips, and procedures (etc., etc.)...and then say "That's between me and Kate" when things get tough. Sorry...it really isn't just between Jon and Kate anymore.

Not a choice I would have made and in hindsight probably not a choice Jon wishes he had made. But, he made it. You have to take the bad with all the good. That's the deal.

That being said...I really, really, really wish the best for all of them. It breaks my heart to see a family fall apart. I really hope they can work things out and come together again. If that means they need to quit doing the show (and accepting all that comes with it - $$$), I'm fine with that.

Threeundertwo said...

Wow, I can't say it better than Mommy Project.

I hope the kids come through all of this unscathed.