Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Live Week 12

This is my 5th Judge opinion...

Music Theme

Adam Lambert
I have to tell you that growing up, Adam's style of music was 'screaming devil music' to my ears. So the fact that I love Adam Lambert so much is proof that I have evolved and that Adam is that good. I say Adam #1.

Allison Areheta
This girl rocks!! Finally, Adam hooked her up with his hair genius and little Allison looks amazing!! I say Allison #2.

Please, America, vote this joker faced punk off!! I have no idea how this guy made it this far.

Danny Gokey
Nice try Danny. I kinda enjoyed it tonight. I didn't think it was a bad as the judges made it seem. I say Danny #3. NAMK and Shan, it's not so bad - Daughtry went out at 3.

There ya have it. My 5th judge take.

Allison went home!
I can't believe Kris is still there.
Whomever is voting for Kris needs to stop.


Mommy Project said...

i gotta' admit i was cringing just a wee bit at the end of Danny's song. I so wanted it to go well, but that just wasn't his thing, dawg. I wasn't feelin' it, baby. But, you know i've got mad love for Danny and i think he has a few other fans, too, so hopefully he'll make it thru. That would be AWFUL if the ~best~ singer went out because of one bad night. ;-)

I think Kris will go, too.

Mommy Project said...

He made it.

But I'm a bit bummed that Allison got the boot. I think she is one talented kid.


I think you were channeling Randy in that first comment. LOL!!

Allison deserved to be in the top 3. Kris should have gone. Come on America!!!! Seriously, if Adam had gone home, I would not have continued watching.

Shan said...

I was starting to sweat when it was Danny and Allison. Ack! Not his best week I admit, but still. Cannot believe Kris is still there.