Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sabbatical Has Ended

I didn't think I could make it 6 months. I did. Then, I didn't think I wanted to get involved even after my 1 year. I did.

#1. Website
I'm going to work on redesigning a website for a mom's site. This is the third non-profit site I'll be working with. I am the person who meets with the artist and the programmer and says, "I want this and this and this and this here and there and over there." This is perfect to ease back in - I'm sitting on my couch designing, not running around meeting with a bunch of people.

#2. Training
My rogue mom's group is full. We have 12 moms and all of those children!! It's such a great group of ladies, we all want to invite other mom's to join us. But we can't. There's no room for them. So, we might be splitting in the fall. It's an option. Not definite. Just in case, I am taking a small group leader training class at church, so I am officially qualified (by our church) to co-lead a group, should we decide to split. This way, I can throw my name in the hat in the fall.

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Heather Kay said...

Good for you! We all need times of rest,(so important) but, I know that I am happiest when I have work to do for the Lord.
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!