Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Live Week 11

5th Judge Resumes
I have not been able to fulfill my 5th Judge role due to our DVR messing up. Finally, I was able to watch it live, thanks to a tweet by my friend, The Fairy Blogmother.

Songs Theme
Jazz music

#1 - Kris Allen
Again, the DVR messed up. I got into the show 17 minutes into the show. I saw the Doesn't matter to me though, Kris needs to go tomorrow to make room for the real competition. 

#2 - Allison Areheta
That girl brought it tonight with 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. Truly, Alison deserves to be in the top 2.  She has the vocals and is an artist. 

#3 - Matt Giraud
Maybe Matt should not win. It could ruin my marriage. And um, he can sang.

#4 - Danny Gokey
Danny is sweet. I would put him 3rd after Adam and Allison.

#5 - Adam Lambert
My mom says he looks like my son and if I want to know how Motor Mouth will look when he gets older, just look at Adam. That's not why I love Adam, though. Words can't adequately describe Adam. That voice! The talent. The showmanship. And he comes across as humble. My God. I can't get enough of him.

And there you have it from American Idol's 5th Judge


Mommy Project said...

Let me be the Paula to your Kara (is that right?? Who ~is~ she, btw??)...

"I have to totally disagree with you. Adam is way too theatrical and he screams, uh...I mean sings, like Liza Minelli. I think Allison did a great job and she has a lovely voice, but there is no way she will be #2. Kris and Matt will be out soon. It's a race between Danny and Adam. I think Danny should win, but I think Adam has all the little kid votes...so we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I like KRIS!!
but I do LOVE Adam!
go home matt and allison, she is to young of a girl to sing those songs!!
anon #2

thank you judge #5