Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Time!!

I received an e-mail from J yesterday. He titled it: "Reminds me of 1 1/2 years ago." I clicked on the link. Talk about reading our mail!! Almost every one of these 10 signs was us. Plus, J had his wife saying: "You are the fluff. You make stuff pretty. You are going to be the first to go! Go before they fire you." Yes, I'm supportive like that. A good woman is hard to find, you know.

Often times people are assessing their jobs, roles, callings… by asking themselves the following question over and over: “Should I stay or should I go, should I stay or should I go…?”  

Here are 10 Signs It May Be Time To Move On:

  1. You get an upset stomach every morning on your way to work.
  2. At-least once a week you think the following thoughts “If so and so does (_blank__) again today I’m going to quit.”
  3. You’ve asked God for signs that it’s time to move on and he has spoken to you through people, places, circumstances, His Word… you’ve heard its time to move on from God in every way besides hearing his audible voice.
  4. You can’t find anyone within a square mile radius of your job that you like, trust or believe in.
  5. Your boss has said to you “It may be time for you to move on!”
  6. You are 100% certain that you could have a bigger impact, be happier, put your family in a better situation… by moving on and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear.
  7. You tell yourself, your spouse and your friends on a regular basis that it’s time to move on and they agree.
  8. When an American Idol Contestant is sent home; you begin envision the greener pastures that are on the other side of them be kicked off.  You then draw parallels to yourself being in the Top 10 and imagine how being kicked out of your workplace will be better for you.
  9. Every time your boss calls you in his office or on the phone; you immediately start wondering what you did wrong or think they’re going to act like Donald Trump and say “You’re Fired!”
  10. You’ve read through the 9 signs above and said to yourself “That’s the confirmation that I needed.”
My Comments on their site:
"It's so hard to leave when you are in the middle of it and you love what you do but not what you go through to do it. They did lay my husband off. We are in a much better place now. I hope this helps someone step out to find their life."

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Anonymous said...

boy do I understand. I also worked with J and never in all my adult life did I work in a place that every time I stepped in the building I was afraid I was going to be fired! (Note here, I have never been fired and always recieved great reviews at my other place of work) I would mentaly go through the days before wondering if I had did something wrong or upset the higher powers. After I left place of employment I realized I was dying there, spiritualy, mentaly and physcially.

I am so excited for you two and your beautiful family.