Monday, November 3, 2008

Crazy Saturday

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening with J's Uncle. This is the uncle who introduced J and me. We all had a great time. The kids really enjoyed him. 
While driving him home, we were in the fast lane. I saw a cop car pulled over on the right shoulder and asked J how fast he was going. 65 MPH he said. The next thing we know, there are flashing lights behind us. J moved to the middle lane. The flashing lights moved with us. 
Barney asked J if he knew why we were pulled over. Seeing as J thought the speed limit was 60 MPH, J had no clue. Barney said we were going 81 in a 55. WTF!! Fortunately, Barney gave us a written warning. Good thing, too, because if he got a ticket for 26 over, we were going to fight it!! I'm soooo glad I had asked how fast we were going. Otherwise, we would have believed Barney Fife.
We dropped Uncle off and stopped at Ikea on the way home. Do you remember when we purchased the curtains at Ikea? 
I had forgotten to measure and so had Jason. At home, I pulled out the curtains, saw they were too short to cover top to bottom of our kitchen windows and folded it back up, put the receipt in the opened package, like I normally do.

Got to Ikea and I didn't have the receipt!! Sean, the kid at returns asked if I knew the date, how much we spent, and which card it was on. I wasn't sure which card we used, so I gave Sean all 4 potential cards. I didn't remember the actual day I purchased them, so I pulled up my blog on my iPhone!! 

Sean could only find the 2nd purchase we made to pay for the meatballs and sauce. 
Sean also said there was a 'spot' on the curtain and refused to take that set of curtains back for a store credit.  The 'spot' was size of the tip of 1 piece of spaghetti!! And, it was the nature of the linen fabric! He would only give a refund for 1 set of curtains. What good would THAT do me? I needed to get 2 more sets and what would I do with 1 set of short curtains?? 

I asked Sean to speak to his supervisor. His supervisor wasn't going to do it either. They said I had to have a receipt and have the item in its original, unopened packaging. It was from Ikea and clearly had not been used. I had visual proof of when I had purchased it. I asked the supervisor to try entering the credit card numbers again, because Sean must have entered it wrong. She refused. I asked to speak to the store manager.

Store manager wasn't there, but the next guy down was. His name is Jazz! I explained the situation to him and that I wanted to spend MORE money in his store, but could not do so if I couldn't exchange the curtains. Likity split, it was done! Credit issued. 

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

How does that saying go...?

-Never take "No" as an answer from someone who has no authority to give it...

~something like that.

Sorry about your battle of a day!