Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday!

What works for me? Our professional serving tray!!
Our kitchen and dining room are separated by a long hallway. It is nice to be able to put our full plates, cups, condiments, and napkins on this tray, reducing the number of trips back and forth. 

There are several restaurant supply stores near Harpo Studios (where Oprah works). J picked this tray up one day, many months ago. It was a fabulous investment. We love, love, love it!!

Makes clean up a snap, too!!

So tell me? What works for you??
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Wanda said...

Great tip! We too love to use serving trays. Saves time and is actually fun to use.
Kids love loading it up and helping carry.

Earthmama said...

Great idea!

marigold said...

I totally use this idea too. Or I have a wire basket that holds my napkins, salt/pepper, butter, tabasco that my husband insists on putting on EVERYTHING, etc. etc.

You have a BEE YOU TI FUL family!!

Chel - An Abiding Branch said...

Very great idea. I love shopping at Restaurant supply stores anyway but never thought to purchase a tray!! cool! I buy tortilla warmers and fun tools, plus I bought ally cups there, you know the amber colored ones at restaurants? lol
Thanks for Tray-tip!

Genny said...

Great idea! It sure would make clearing the table easy!