Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Feature

I cut and pasted this directly from Cre8ve Chaos. It's the second time this week. What can I say, Tim's great!

We've been using texting in our services at Park. We are only doing it at our 5:30 PM service on Sunday nights right now since that tends to fit the crowd that goes to that service. When whoever is speaking begins their message, we flash up a reminder that people can text in questions... any questions... throughout the message and at the end of the service we take about 10-15 minutes to answer them.

It's been cool to see how people have responded and are asking some really good, tough questions.

Here's just a few questions that were texted in this week:

  • Why doesn't God use miracles to prove God is God now like He used to?
  • How do you convince someone who values worldly wisdom and knowleddge that this is wrong and spiritual wisdom is soley important.
  • Can you explain 1 Corinthians 2:15? If it says we are able to judge all things, why do we often have such a hard time making decisions?
  • Does God give the Spirit to everyone so the Gospel can become clear?
  • What is Park's stance on the emerging church?
  • The cross is central to our faith, but can the actual symbol of the cross become an idol in our lives?
  • Why are Christians so afraid of pluralism? Isn't a good thing to have so many contrasting views converge so thatw e can sift through and cultivate the truth?
  • Why Jesus? Even with him, life is still hopeless and lonely at times.
  • Can God defy your will?

Pretty deep stuff, but great questions... and questions that would have gone unanswered if we wouldn't have given people the opportunity to ask them.

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